Botox Injection Cost

One of the questions that everyone wants to know about getting Botox Injections is how much is it going to cost me.  Accordingly to national averages, a single Botox injection by a board certified surgeon will cost you about $375.  The price will defer based on where you live.  For example, getting a botox injection in Beverly Hills is going to cost a lot more than in Lincoln Park, Chicago.  The cost will also fluctuate based on the amount of Botox needed and the area being treated.  A treatment of the facial area requiring multiple injections, like around the eyes will range from $290 to $650.  A large areas like your forehead will cost about $800.00.  The difference in averages is heavily dependent on the quality and experience of the doctor administrating the Botox.  Naturally, a more experience doctor with favorable results is going to cost more than getting injections from a new inexperience doctor.  Kinda like the adage, you get what you pay for.