Diabetes & Your Skin

Having diabetes does not make your skin issues any different than a normal person’s skin.  You both will have similar skin problems with minor differences.  In case of diabetics, you may have problem of excessive dry skin.  Dry skin can be controlled by using variable skin lotions and emollients.  It is highly recommend that you control this problem by maintaining good glucose control and drinking  a lot of water.  Consuming a lot of water a day will have many beneficial effects and help your body cleanses itself.

Another problem that diabetics may experience is the appearance of orange yellow fatty plaques (aka xanthomas) that forms around your eyes.  This is the result of high cholesterol levels in your blood.  You might also suffer from a think, discolored, and dimpled appearance that can appear on your skin due to what is called Necrobiosis lipodica diabeticorum.  It’s a harmless condition but can affect your self confidence since it affects your overall appearance.

Otherwise, it is recommended that you protect your skin from exposure from the skin by using sun block during all seasons.  You should clean your body everyday using warm water and a non-abrasive soap.   Use moisturizing location to avoid dry skin and to keep your skin moist.  Employing these techniques will help maintain your skin.