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Our Wrinkles category will have post about using botox injections to deal with wrinkles and staying young.

Areas for Botox

The best way to figure out where Botox can be administer is to visit a doctor and ask him specifically as each individual will get a different result. Generally, Botox is a affective way to get rid of wrinkles in the facial area. That does not mean that Botox gets rid of all wrinkles.  Botox works on muscles by relaxing them. The regions with a lot of muscle activity will benefit the most from Botox. Surprise lines, frown lines and crow’s feet are the most popular and successful areas where Botox can be successful. Smoker’s lines may also be diminished by Botox injections, however, if a person is an active smoker, the effect could be very limited. It is because smoking promotes motion of the muscles responsible for creating these lines. Botox cannot tighten sagging skin. If your skin is sagging, you need to use other cosmetic procedure to fix that problem. Botox cannot stretch or remove wrinkles.

Botox – How Often

It is often asked how often can you get botox injections?  Well that assumes that we know how long a Botox treatment lasts.  In general, the benefits of a Botox injection will last from two months to six months depending on the individual.  Some people think they need a injection as soon as they see a wrinkle.  Others wait until the effects of their last shot completely wear off until they get their next shot.

The fact of the matter is that repeat injections do not affect the effectiveness of future treatments.  You are perfectly fine with getting injections as you think you need them.  Cost will be the main deciding factor to ask yourself.

Preventing Wrinkles

As we age, we quickly become obsessed with how we look.  One of the first things that we focus on are wrinkles and how to stop them.  These days you can’t go to the show or watch tv without seeing a product tells us that antioxidants are the solutions to stopping wrinkles.  Well do you know that an antioxidant is Vitamin C?  That is right, just by consuming Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables or taking your daily Vitamin C pill you can turn the clock of aging back.

A recent study found that people who date foods rich in vitamin C had fewer wrinkles and less age related dry skin than those whose diets contained less vitamin C.  The vitamin helps form collagen which smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to guard against ultraviolet rays from the sun which can lead to freckles and mooted complexion.  So start taking your Vitamins.  Especially the one’s labeled with a C if you want to stop mother nature from coming to your front steps.